Which agent do you choose?

Selling property is fraught with danger. Knowing whom to choose is a tough decision.

The right agent can mean the difference of thousands of dollars and the alleviation of immense frustration and stress.

The problem home sellers face, is which company to choose. Everyone says they are the best – but how do you decide who really is the best?

Bay Life Properties a division of Ranelagh Realty Pty Ltd has been operating in the Mount Eliza, Mornington and South Frankston areas for over 15 years. Principal Helen Sly is a highly experienced Licensed Real Estate agent and has helped literally hundreds of clients to sell their homes. Over 500 residential properties have been marketed and sold by Helen, often meeting a price well above expectations. Helen has an enviable reputation for integrity, trust and going that extra mile for her clients. She has received many unsolicited expressions of thanks and many of her clients come back when they decide to sell their property, trusting Helen to manage the sale a second time.

Bay Life Properties a division of Ranelagh Realty Pty Ltd is a boutique agency, operating from a virtual office in Mount Eliza. With overheads low, Bay Life Properties is able to be very price competitive without cutting corners or compromising service to clients. Bay Life Properties specialises in residential property sales and with over 15 years experience in the market, the team understands why people buy in this area and how best to market property.

With access to the latest real estate trend data, Bay Life Properties is able to provide a realistic appraisal of your property, providing guidance on a target price range and a marketing plan to achieve the best result, taking into account the market and recent sales results for similar properties in the area.

Bay Life Properties gains most listings from satisfied clients – either vendors or buyers of one of the hundreds of properties Helen has managed over the last 20 years. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your plans and trust our local knowledge and expertise will be of benefit to you.

Should you choose Bay Life Properties, you are not only choosing an agent – you are choosing to become part of our team!

As they say…”team work makes the dream work!”


Please find below ten of the most important questions that should be considered when selling your home. If you are seeing a number of agents it might be an idea to use this as an agenda to your meeting. It may save you time, provide the meeting with structure and determine the most suitable agent for you. After all if you don’t have the best representing you, you can’t expect the best results.

  • What do you know about your agent?
  • Where do buyers come from? How will a person find your home?
  • How will your home be marketed? Why is that style of marketing best for your home?
  • What are the internet capabilities of your agency?
  • How will the right buyers be found and how will the highest price be achieved?
  • How can print media help the marketing of your home further?
  • Are you locked into all agents even if they aren’t doing the right job?
  • What happens when a buyer looks through your home?
  • How long does it take to get a property on the market?
  • What are the next steps?

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