Bay Life Properties Presentation

This presentation has been designed to aid you with one crucial decision:

 Selecting your Real Estate Agent

 Choosing the right real estate agent may make or save you thousands of dollars



“To be better today than we were yesterday”

 It will be our pleasure to serve you!

Welcome to Bay Life Properties Pty Ltd

(A division of Ranelagh Realty Pty Ltd)

Mount Eliza

Bay Life Properties has been operating in the Mount Eliza, Mornington and South Frankston areas for over 15 years.

Principal Helen Sly is a highly experienced Licensed Real Estate agent and has helped literally hundreds of clients to sell their homes.  Over 500 residential properties have been marketed and sold by Helen, often meeting a price well above expectations.

Helen has an enviable reputation for integrity, trust and going that extra mile for her clients.  She has received many unsolicited expressions of thanks and many of her clients come back when they decide to sell their property, trusting Helen to manage the sale a second time.

Bay Life Properties is a boutique agency, operating from a virtual office in Mount Eliza.  With overheads low, Bay Life Properties is able to be very price competitive without cutting corners or compromising service to clients.

Bay Life Properties specialises in residential property sales and with over 15 years experience in the market, the team understands why people buy in this area and how best to market property.

With access to the latest real estate trend data, Bay Life Properties is able to provide a realistic appraisal of your property, providing guidance on a target price range and a marketing plan to achieve the best result, taking into account the market and recent sales results for similar properties in the area.

Bay Life Properties gains most listings from satisfied clients – either vendors or buyers of one of the hundreds of properties Helen has managed over the last 20 years.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your plans and trust our local knowledge and expertise will be of benefit to you.

Should you choose Bay Life Properties, you are not only choosing an agent – you are choosing to become part of our team!

As they say…”team work makes the dream work!”

Your listing agent is:

Helen Sly 0408 336 603
















10 Important Questions

Please find below ten of the most important questions that should be considered when selling your home. If you are seeing a number of agents it might be an idea to use this as an agenda to your meeting. It may save you time, provide the meeting with structure and determine the most suitable agent for you. After all if you don’t have the best representing you, you can’t expect the best results.


  •          What do you know about your agent?
  •          Where do buyers come from? How will a person find your home?
  •          How will your home be marketed? Why is that style of marketing best for your home?
  •          What are the internet capabilities of your agency?
  •          How will the right buyers be found and how will the highest price be achieved?
  •          How can print media help the marketing of your home further?
  •          Are you locked into all agents even if they aren’t doing the right job?
  •          What happens when a buyer looks through your home?
  •          How long does it take to get a property on the market?
  •          What are the next steps?





Steps For Selling Your Home


Selling a home is a complex procedure. Whether it’s your first time, or you’re an experienced seller, it’s very easy to forget things and feel overwhelmed. While you should always feel comfortable asking questions, the following ‘event roadmap’ might help keep you on track:


Step 1:          Prior to listing your property for sale


  • Select an agent
  • Sign an agency agreement with your agent


Step 2:          Listing your property for sale


  • Agent receives your signed agreement and discusses with you their plans to market and sell your home
  • Agent prepares marketing campaign & advertising materials
  • Prepare your home for buyer inspections (see following page)
  • Agent conducts buyer inspections and provides you with feedback
  • Agent negotiates a sale price to your satisfaction


Step 3:          Accepting the offer


  • Offer is accepted by you and agent communicates this to the buyer
  • Agent accepts an initial deposit from buyer and contracts are signed (in some cases)
  • Contracts exchanged with cooling-off period (3 business days)
  • Cooling-off period ends, buyer pays balance of 10% deposit, which means you are SOLD


Step 4:          Settlement of your home


  • Settlement period begins (usually 60 days from this date)
  • Pack and organise your move
  • Move to your new home by the settlement date




Preparing Your Home For Sale


Inside presentation


  • Ensure your house is clean and tidy.
  • Think about hiring furniture or employing the talents of an interior designer.
  • Make sure all doors work well (handles turn and lock smoothly and doors don’t jam).
  • Open curtains to allow as much light in as possible. Turn lights on.
  • Remove clutter.
  • Rub lavender oil into door-jambs to provide a soothing clean smell.


Outside presentation


  • Replace all cracked/broken glass.
  • Make sure all gates work well (handles turn and lock smoothly and doors don’t jam).
  • Clean out gutters.
  • Replace broken fences/missing palings.
  • Mow the lawns and mulch where necessary.


Inspections/Open homes


  • Try to be out of the home when buyers inspect as they will feel more comfortable.
  • Make sure the home is a comfortable temperature.
  • Brew some coffee before each inspection (freshly ground is best) –the aroma creates pleasant associations for buyers.
  • Ensure your agent knows what makes your house a home – explain why it has that special ‘feel’ for you, point out its highlights. This will also help the photographer





Which Agent Do You Choose?


Selling property is fraught with danger. Knowing whom to choose is a tough decision.


The right agent can mean the difference of thousands of dollars and the alleviation of immense frustration and stress.


The problem home sellers face, is which company to choose. Everyone says they are the best – but how do you decide who really is the best?






Ask the sellers who dealt with the agent you’re thinking of selecting:


  • Did the real estate agent live up to their promises?
  • Did they receive the highest price? After all – the main purpose of an agent is to get the best price possible.
  • Were they happy with the service they received?




See What Our Clients Say About

Bay Life Properties…


“…expertise and experience I was looking for!”

“I chose Helen to sell my home as I had purchased through her years ago and remembered the experience positively.  I find Helen’s approach thorough and effective.  Helen provides great guidance in the sales and marketing process showing she knows the Mt Eliza region well.  Helen provided great support and attention to the recent sale of my home.  I chose Helen from 3 other agents as she had the expertise and experience I was looking for.  Thanks Helen!                                                                                 Jo EadyRoborough Ave Mt Eliza


“To sell our house for our asking price within 24 hours was amazing!”  

“We just wanted to let you know how thrilled we were with the fantastic result that you achieved with the sale of our house.  To sell our house for our asking price within 24 hours was amazing.  The purchase of our new house with you was an equally pleasing experience. Your personal touch and introducing us to the vendors of our new house was a refreshing change for an industry that is often shrouded in mystery”

Jo & SteveVendors of Sweetwater Drive Mt Eliza



“You sold it so quickly after it had been on the market with another agent for 3 months!”

“We would like to thank you for your excellent service in selling our home.  You sold it so quickly after it had been on the market with another agent for 3 months.  Your enthusiasm and professionalism made it a pleasure to deal with you; we are now looking forward to settling into our new home.  Many thanks for your efforts Helen, you are a great estate agent and we would have no hesitation in recommending you to our families and friends.”                                                                         Mark & AnnRedbourne Ave Mt Eliza





Everytime You See One Of Our Sold Signs You Know There Are Happy Clients Behind Them!

“A Picture Tells A 1000 Words”


It’s a common saying: “Pictures Tell a 1000 Words”.

When you are choosing an agent to sell your most valuable asset, you need to know the agency you are selecting has the runs on the board. Or simply put – gets the job done. It’s a fact, more people choose Bay Life Properties when selling their home. Don’t judge people by what they say they are going to do, look at what they actually do. We like to let our track record speak for itself.




















Why Use the Bay Life Properties Team




Typical Real Estate advertising is not enough these days. Marketing involves more than just placing an ad in the paper. Our strategic marketing focuses on capturing all buyers in the market at any one time. Choosing Ranelagh Realty means your property will be exposed to thousands of buyers 24 hours a day. Bay Life Properties brings more buyers to your door. This means that we always get the best possible price for your home.




Your agents protect your privacy and your reasons for selling. Buyers will never be encouraged to offer a low price for your home. We encourage you to mystery shop our agency to see how we place such a high importance on respecting home sellers and protecting their interests.




We understand in this competitive time we have to make it easy for people to buy. That’s why we don’t open to suit ourselves, but we open when it is convenient for our valued clients.




When you select Bay Life Properties you don’t just hire one of us you receive another 4 very qualified experts handling your biggest asset, so as a team we are working to a common goal in getting your house SOLD.




When we show your property for inspection I will always be up front & honest with you no matter what the purchaser may say. That way you will never have to make an uninformed decision.




A Personal Message From The Bay Life Properties Team


In today’s competitive real estate market it is important to understand the importance marketing plays in the sales process. It is not enough these days to simply place a photo or two and a few descriptive words on a window display or the internet. The correct marketing of a property is integral to achieving a successful sale result. A comprehensive marketing plan can mean the difference of many thousands of dollars in the final selling price.


When you engage Bay Life Properties to sell your most valuable asset you can be assured of receiving cutting edge innovative marketing. Our research has shown that the more buyers you reach, the greater the chance of securing a buyer who will pay a premium price for the property. You can’t sell a secret, so to speak!


We understand the importance of leaving no stone unturned when searching for a buyer for one of our owner’s homes. Facilitating exposure through the right mediums ensures we maximize our chances of achieving a premium price. After all, anyone can sell property, but selling it for the best possible price is a different matter.


We not only believe in our marketing strategies but know from research conducted over the years that these strategies work.


That is why we can say with confidence, “we bring more buyers to your door”. Which means we will always get the best possible price for your home. When you appoint Bay Life Properties you’ll find it is a matter of commitment.


Thank you for considering our agency. Rest assured, should we be chosen to market your property, you will receive the full attention, interest and involvement of our entire team. We will give you the finest service available and achieve the highest price for you. You have our guarantee on that!


Yours in service

The Bay Life ProperitesTeam




Pricing Guidelines:

What is your property worth?


  • What you paid for your property does not affect its value.
  • The amount of cash you need from the sale of your property does not affect its value.
  • What you want for your property does not affect its value.
  • What another real estate agent says your property is worth does not affect its value.
  • What a property Appraiser says your property is worth does not affect its value.


The Value of your property is determined by what a BUYER is willing to pay in Today’s Market based on comparing your property to others currently SOLD in the market.



Buyers Always Determine Value









A Few Words On Pricing


Do Not list with the Real Estate agent who

gives you the highest price.


Consumer reports have stated:


“Expect the agent to suggest a price range, but don’t let that frame you in.

Be aware that some devious agents will, at first, suggest a very handsome price.

Then, after they have the listing and the house hasn’t sold,

they’ll come back with a pitch to lower the price”



If you bought IBM stock five years ago and wanted to sell it today, would you call your stockbroker and TELL HIM that you insist on selling at a 200% profit, or would you ask him to tell you what the market price is? This is the same principle with the Bay Life Properties team and their market analysis of your property.


The team at Bay Life Properties prepares a thorough, well researched computerized market analysis on EVERY listing. They also suggest a pre inspection & pre appraisal before setting the final listing price. As a result, they sell their listings at very close to asking price. It’s a part of a service you pay for.










Real Estate Jargon Explained


Contract of Sale

Contains the details of your home and the conditions of sale. You should organise a Section 32 through your solicitor or conveyancer as soon as possible. Even if you don’t know which agent you’re going to choose, preparing your S32 as early as possible means that your property will be advertised sooner and buyers will be able to see it earlier.


Cooling Off Period

Once you’ve accepted an offer, a 3 day cooling-off period begins. This allows the buyer to conduct building and pest inspections, their solicitor to review the contract. If you’re selling by auction, there is no cooling-off period. A 10% deposit is paid on the spot and contracts are exchanged immediately.


Initial deposit

A buyer will put down an initial deposit in order to secure the property during their cooling-off period. This is usually a nominal sum, generally between $1000 & $5000 depending on the price of the property.



At the end of the cooling-off period, the buyer must pay their remaining deposit (10%). The deposit cheque is held by your agent in a Trust account.


Exchange Contracts

Once the initial deposit is paid, your agent will get you and the buyer to sign the contract (5 copies in total). The contract is sent to each party’s solicitor.


Settlement Period

Once contracts are exchanged, the settlement period begins (usually 30-120 days negotiated from the date of exchange). You can then use this time to find another home (if you haven’t already), organise your finances and move out.



The buyer pays the balance of the purchase price and picks up the keys. Normally your bank and solicitor will take their fees out of the settlement proceeds and issue you a cheque for the remainder. Your real estate agent will probably take their commission and fees from the deposit and send you a cheque for the balance.





Free Market Appraisal

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